hey hi hello

i'm ashley! which you probably knew, but i bet you didn't know some of the stuff i'm about to share with you on this page ! i have an 'about' tab so you can get to know me & my business a little bit and i am even more excited to get to know you. 

meet the team.
stink and pants

foodies. nap kings. quality control.

stink and pants are my cat who could not look less  alike. they approve client galleries before they are delivered and hate that my job makes me leave the house.

celeste and dwayne

escape artists. kinda shifty. fancy geckos.

celeste and dwayne supervise my equipment. they live in my office and are stink's greatest love interests. i got them over quarantine and highly encourage everyone to get geckos.

bestie. second-shooter in training. 

frank is my boyfriend who kindly takes interest in my interests. he wants to learn photo and who am i to say no. you might see him at your wedding if he makes the cut. i have faith, time will tell

a glimpse into my world

I'm 23 and going thru the trials of figuring out how to be an adult. I am equal parts extroverted and introverted depending on the day. I love to travel & see cool things!! My boyfriend, Frank, and I live in a cute apartment outside of the city of Pittsburgh with our two cats and two geckos!


I graduated from college during the pandemic. Now I work from home full-time at a software company in communications and am still in school pursuing a dual MBA and master's of sustainability. I hope to one day combine my passion for weddings with my expertise in sustainability. I've already got things brewing over at @ecofriendlyevents on Insta!

Photo is definitely the coolest part of my life and has connected me with great people and opportunities - I am so proud to be a wedding photographer and blessed to have this source of creativity + connection as a part-time role that I give my full heart to.  


Talking about yourself is hard - so aside from the resume-builder stuff I already talked about, I guess I'll share some other tidbits with you that maybe you'll find something in common with!


I only watch reality tv or documentaries. My favorite food is pad thai. I'm training for a half marathon and I love indoor cycling!! I once went viral on TikTok for looking like Nevel from iCarly (lmao). I am very passionate about non-toxic living and shopping second hand. Dill pickle chips and ginger ale is the best combo. Fanny pack > purse for literally every occasion. 

why i do what i do

because of you. i don't do photo selfishly or for any other reason other than i think you deserve a wedding photographer that really cares about you and delivers a gallery that lets you live YOUR wedding over and over again. not fabricating your day to be something it wasn't or missing out on special moments.


i started photography very young and had always been inspired by the way my pappy and my mom captured genuine moments in our family. that's also an important part of 'my why' but i never imagined it would lead me here where i've photographed (lead + assistant) nearly 100 weddings. surreal to me and i'll never take that for granted.