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NEW: YouTube Channel

I've been waiting for the day where I can *finally* announce that my YouTube channel is up and running! Today is that day!!! I just published my first video | My Photo Editing Flow. It's just a quick, but useful watch that will show you the behind the scenes of my usual editing process that could hopefully be applicable to yours.

I created this channel solely as a creative outlet. I obviously am passionate about photo and have turned that creative channel into a career. While I LOVE what I do, I wanted to create a space for me to be me, have fun with video shooting and editing with absolutely no pressure.

My channel is titled "moments & muses" and by that, I will base my content. I want to start documenting my life and the things that inspire me. I've always wanted to do this as I am so sentimental about video. I think it can tell a story like no other media can. So, I'm gonna make my camera my best friend and intentionally take excursions to start living my life to the fullest, capturing the beautiful moments and my muses.

Initially, I didn't intend for it to be educational. But I also feel like if I have some advice to share and I have the capability to do so, why not! During this quarantine, I knew I'd have time on my hands and I also had a good bit of photos to edit from the Get Real Workshop I attended. So, I decided to record it and post it for whoever comes across it.

I'm planning to take a really laid back approach to my YouTube channel content. However, I definitely want to share things that are relevant to you all if you are looking for specific photography advice. So, I'm always open to ideas for future videos and I'll surely be posting some of my own around topics such as: photo/small business tips, creative inspiration, and even some eco-friendly lifestyle content as I am pursuing a sustainability masters degree and am consciously cracking down on my own environmental impact.

If these topics sound interesting to you, I'd really appreciate your subscription! And if you have a YouTube channel that I can support, send it my way!



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