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Welcome to my photography site and thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this inside look into my life, my work, the beautiful people behind it, and may feel drawn toward shooting with me, too.

Ashley Krause



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My Story

I'm a smiling 21 year old college student at Saint Vincent! I'm studying Communication and Marketing and love love love to take photos. Photography was always a hobby of mine, but I'm so happy to have turned it into a career. I've fallen in love with capturing authentic moments and creating visuals with the natural elements that surround us.

For me, it's truly all about the simple things in life! I love finding new music, admiring flowers, getting my body moving, laughing too loudly with my friends, and sipping on lavender lattes.

I'm passionate about sharing stories, making people smile, taking care of mother earth, and creating as often as I can. I'm always down for an adventure and hope to travel the world taking photos of you beautiful people.

Inspired by


I say my photography is 'inspired by nature' because to me, portraits should be authentic to the spirit of our souls and flow naturally like the world around us. Photos can be posed, but they don't have to be. Shoots with me = shoots with lots of belly laughs, sunlight, and bringing natural elements into the picture.


I also just love being outdoors, plain and simple! I'm from southwest PA, so I was raised as a kid who loved to explore ... this still stands. I'm always seeking new adventure and admire the natural beauty that surrounds us. 

My Style

So, out of all the talented photographers in our area ... why choose me? Well, that's entirely up to you! But let me give you a taste of what a shoot with me entails:

⋒ I'm extremely easy going and like to make people smile + laugh. That's how I get the genuine photos we're both looking to capture!

⋒ I work very closely with my clients, from the very beginning with brainstorming to the post-editing process! I want the photos you receive from me to be tailored to your liking and bring the visions you had to life as well as satisfying my love for movement, laughter, and pretty light.

⋒ All photos that I take + edit with Lightroom will be available to you for instant download. I do not do prints at this time, however if you choose to print your images, a personal print-release statement will be provided to you.

⋒ Regarding branding shoots, I pay great attention to your brands message and curate photos that are unique and functional for your social media platforms and promotional material. I study marketing at my college and would be available for consult on strategically using my photography to promote your brand or business.

Thank you!

For taking the time to get to know a little bit more about me. I'd love to get to know

you too, so text me at 724-963-6909 and  introduce yourself! 




Ashley Krause

TEXT \\ 724-963-6909

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